Minnesota Monsanto New GMO Bill

Minnesota legislatures have just introduced a brand new, highly supported GMO labeling legislation. St. Paul, Minneapolis may not be the first place you  think of when it comes to introducing new GMO labeling legislation, but it is shaping up to beat out progressive states like California and New York.

The presented legislative move coming from the Midwest would impact GMO labeling across the country.

The introduction of bill SF 335 in April of 2014 put many food producers into a frenzy. Requiring disclosure of genetically modified ingredients on the label by January 2017. This brought about an outflow of the same-old arguments and outrageous claims.

“GMO labeling is so hard that it will drastically increase your grocery bill.”

“The average consumer is so dumb that we can’t let them know which products contain GMO’s.”

“GMO’s are exactly the same as natural foods.”

All of which are ridiculous and completely untrue. Unsurprisingly backed by GMO powerhouse Monsanto, flooding voters with flyers akin to Nazi propaganda. Falsely using the FDA seal and “official” quotes, things that would land most others in jail.

97% Support Mandatory GMO Labeling

As this latest GMO labeling bill heads towards the state legislature’s Commerce Committee, polls show over 97% of the United States population wants to know what they’re eating. This support is shaping the future of food labeling, and Minnesota could be the epicenter of it all.

Local news outlets are having a hay-day covering the story. Discussing the bill with the droves of supporters who came out to the court-house to show support and voice their concerns regarding current GMO labeling policy.

MPR News writes “Dozens of people packed a Capitol hearing Thursday for a first hearing on a bill that would mandate disclosure of genetic engineering in food and food ingredients.

Local Store Owner “My Hands Are Tied”

Even local store owners are chiming in, “In the past six months, I’ve received numerous written and verbal requests to label GMO (Genetically-modified organisms) containing ingredients in our stores or discontinue a possibly GMO containing product,” this from consumer affairs manager at Mississippi Market, Liz McMann. Further discussing the limitations placed on store owners, “My response is always the same. My hands are tied. Without mandatory labeling, it’s impossible to know if a non-organic product contains genetically modified organisms or not.

Unfortunately this is the reality facing store owners today, it is just impossible to know what exactly contains GMO’s and what doesn’t. With the enormous amount of support the bill is getting, this could change soon.

The simple fact remains, the American people want to know what they are putting into their body. It doesn’t seem like this is asking too much, despite what big food producers want the public to think.

GSH Gold is founded on the principle that people have a right to know exactly what is going into their body. It is the reason we avoided using any proprietary blended ingredients or fillers in our supplement. We fully support mandatory GMO labeling on all food products.

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